How to Care for Your Socks

How to Care for Your Socks

The secret to making high-quality socks last for many years is proper care. By keeping your toenails trim and, most importantly, laundering your socks correctly, you can keep them looking great for years.

For most people, socks are not necessarily something to think about. In fact, and here we're thinking mosltly men, think about socks either when they can’t find any to wear, or when they are embarrassed by the ones they are wearing at the moment.

Most socks usually find their way into a man's drawer only when our male subject realizes that he has no more socks left and rushes out on a buying spree over the weekend to replenish his stash without giving much thought unfortunately to what he is actually buying -  just happy in the knowledge that he has socks that will last for a while longer. Or if he's lucky he will have been gifted socks by his significant other, mother or son or daughter.

Because most men don't give enough thought to their socks it is not surprising that many males don’t really know how to take care of their socks.
All the socks that we carry are of superior quality and are capable of withstanding a more rigorous care cycle than is recommended below but by following our instructions you will ensure that your socks will look their best and last for a long time.

So here are the golden rules ...

1.- Don’t just throw them in with the rest of your clothes. This leads to the accumulation of lint and often damages the fabric of the socks. Wash them separately or at the very least place them in a mesh laundry bag.

2.- Turn them inside out. This will preserve the outside smoothness and overall look for much longer. You can even clip pairs to each other in order not to waste time organizing. 

3.- Use cold washing – 30°C should be enough. Too much heat will damage the fabric and affect its elasticity. With some materials, it could lead to shrinkage or damage the fabric. 

4.- Do NOT use bleach or harsh chemicals, in fact, use only a small amount of mild detergent or natural soap. Softener can be used, as long as you do not put too much. 

5.- Do not tumble dry – best is to squeeze the water from them and then hang dry. In case of an emergency and if in need of a dry pair to wear immediately (some might call it poor planning), you can go ahead and tumble dry at low temperature and slow rotation. Don't make a habit of it though. 

6.- Do not iron– it’s a waste of time and a fire hazard. Yarns used in socks are very delicate and can be highly flammable. 

7.- Fold as opposed to rolling. Rolling your socks can damage the elastic and make them look saggy. Simply folding your socks preserves their look and feel.

We hope this was helpful. Do you have other ideas or suggestions? Please let us know!

Treat your socks well, if you want them to last longer.  

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