Twin Roads Socks made in Italy ....

Twin Roads Socks

When designing our socks we are inspired by all the things that attract us at that particular moment.  Whether it's graffiti or street art, the endless shapes, and patterns of nature or the faded memories of days gone by becoming the inspiration for new concepts of design and style.

We travel and we absorb the cultures and blend all of these influences to create socks that you will treasure more like a piece of art rather than an everyday accessory.

Because we believe that even an everyday accessory like socks should be something special - every piece of clothing you put on should be so you.



All of our socks are designed and made in one of the most beautiful countries on earth - Italy. Pride in design, creation and old world craftsmanship are part of the simple order of the day. Quality control in Italy is not a series of checks and counter-checks but rather a way of life.  Quality is not an afterthought it is part of their DNA.

We have teamed up with a factory that is very responsive to our needs and requirements.  Our frequent factory visits allow us constant control over our sock production.

As an added bonus they make excellent espresso!


hand linked toe seam


Once our socks are produced they are hand linked. Why hand linked?

Socks with machine sewn toes have a shorter life-span and are not as durable as hand linked socks. Hand linking also creates a cleaner and more comfortable seam.



Combed Cotton Yarn

Combed Cotton Yarn

We strive to make socks that not only look good but also feel good. That is why we use high-quality Italian yarns to create socks that feature 100% combed cotton to which is added nylon for durability and lycra for retention. 

Twin Roads Socks have passed OEKO Tex tests, which means that the threads have been dyed with non-toxic colors and will not cause any irritation or harm to the skin.